I am non-binary

Hopefully you will understand me (and many, many others) better after this   I had always considered myself to be a feminist, but didn’t realize like most people that gender politics went way deeper than the binary until 10th grade. That was the first time I had heard about what it is to be non-binary… Continue reading I am non-binary

“Kind” Oppressors, our friends or our foes?

One's life can be divided into chapters, and it might not always be split because of events that occur, but the way they affect us and shape us. Most of us have seen change in others and maybe ourselves as well, becoming different people. Some people that I was friends with a few years back, I… Continue reading “Kind” Oppressors, our friends or our foes?

The Fascist “Undertone” of the Spanish Government’s Reaction to the Catalan Referendum for Independence (2017)

    Instead of trying to have a productive dialogue with the Catalan government and its people about their demands and their proposal for a binding referendum on independence, Mariano Rajoy and the rest of the PP (Popular Party) have been creating a snowball of independentist sentiment in the semi-autonomous region of Catalonia. He has… Continue reading The Fascist “Undertone” of the Spanish Government’s Reaction to the Catalan Referendum for Independence (2017)

Different Emotion Work of the Vegan Activist

I read an article for my global politics course that I found on the notorious database network, JStor, which I have access to thanks to the school that I go to. I read the work of these two Swedes that did a sociological investigation on the emotion work that is involved in vegan activism. Their… Continue reading Different Emotion Work of the Vegan Activist

Fighters against Oppression, Unite!

It's difficult to find things genuinely funny and even to pretend to be in a general state of happiness, when you take your head out of the sand and make everything that you read on the news and the documentaries you watch, a reality. What scares me the most is that I am aware of… Continue reading Fighters against Oppression, Unite!